Would You Get an Armpit Tattoo?

From the knees to the elbows, people are increasingly using the slightly more unusual parts of their body to express themselves and showcase their body art. If the knees and elbows seemed like strange or uncommon places, the armpit may seem even stranger. A quick perusal through Instagram will reveal numerous and highly creative armpit tattoos.

Indeed, the armpits are becoming yet another somewhat unusual spot to get inked. While it has its appeal among men and women, it’s the latter that benefits most from these tattoos as the former do not generally shave their armpits. Armpits are also more tender for men than they are for women. However, despite perhaps seeming otherwise, opinions tend to vary on whether getting tattooed in this area is as painful as the knees and elbows, which are known for requiring a tremendous amount of willpower and tolerance.

If you’re considering an armpit tattoo, be aware that besides the pain, you may also have to endure the smell of blood. If you’re okay with this and know what you want to get, these tattoos are definitely a creatively refreshing way to express yourself from the standard arm, leg, or back tattoo.

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