Would You Consider a Nose Tattoo?

It’s not unusual to see people getting tattoos in some rather uncommon places. Tongues and earlobes may not be as conventional or traditional as the back or arms, but they are popular options. However, the nose is seemingly becoming a canvas for some elaborate designs.

Explore Instagram and you may come across a multitude of photos showing people with intriguing patterns inked on their nose. Patterns with an Aztec flair, skulls in monochrome, fascinating Buddhist symbols, these are just a couple of creative and popular options you can admire through the magic of social media.

As you might guess, however, nose tattoos are not for the faint of heart.

Unlike tattoos that can be at least partially obscured, nose tattoos are practically impossible to hide since, after all, the nose is a prominent part of the face. Not only that, nose tattoos can be incredibly painful. Even longtime tattoo fans that have had multiple parts of the body seem to agree that these tattoos require enduring a substantial amount of pain.

If you’re considering a nose tattoo, definitely take the time to carefully evaluate your decision. Remember that this tattoo will be instantly noticeable, so make sure you’re okay with whatever design you choose to get.

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