Unique Approaches to Couples Tattoos

Depending on your familiarity with tattoos, you probably know there are certain tattoos that carry higher odds of regret. Cartoons, spur of the moment decisions, and names of boyfriends or girlfriends are a couple of examples. Speaking of couples, the trend appears to be shifting more from getting their name inked to choosing something that’s out of the ordinary.

Take for example the couple that decided to get matching quotes. Finding that the quote spoke to them both, it’s a refreshing change of pace. These types of tattoos may be better suited for couples looking to share the love of body art, especially if they have artistic merit. There are also fewer odds of experiencing tattoo regret if the relationship goes sour.

For an effective couples tattoo, you may wish to base your idea on a mutual interest. Perhaps there is a movie you both love that you never get tired of watching despite having seen it numerous times. Maybe you’re both fond of a particular food or you have a mutual quote like the example used above. If you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps you may decide to forego the traditional wedding ring in favor of getting one inked.

Whatever you decide, strongly consider staying away from names unless it’s the name of your child, and always carefully consider your decision.

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