Tattoo Parlors Becoming Popular Piercing Spots for Parents

Minors whose parents would like for their ears to be pierced typically visit a boutique or one of the specialized kiosks in the mall. The last place one would probably expect to see a parent take their kid is the tattoo parlor but increasingly, parents are choosing to do just that.

Now you may be wondering what would spur a parent to forego the traditional route and opt for a piercing spot generally reserved for adults. If you guessed safety reasons, you’d be correct. Any established and reputable tattoo parlor makes it a point to ensure clients are treated correctly. Similar to a doctor’s office, items are sterilized and they are utilized a single time for that particular client before being properly disposed of.

On top of the focus on sterilization, while a boutique might use a piercing gun, most if not all tattoo parlors opt for sterilized needles. These needles “push” the cartilage and skin as the ear is pierced, making for a potentially less traumatic experience that also improves healing.

If you’re thinking about having your child’s ears pierced at a tattoo parlor, consider having a discussion with them regarding the images and artwork they may see since these places are, after all, an adult environment.

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