More Senior Citizens Are Embracing Tattoos

Have you heard of a 72-year-old receiving a tattoo for the first time? It may seem unusual, but it’s becoming increasingly common among senior citizens. As the stigmas behind tattoos continue to disappear and they gain societal acceptance, more and more of these people are choosing to get inked for the first time.

Many of these senior citizens getting tattooed are retired individuals. Interestingly, for many of these people, getting a tattoo may have likely been a major taboo during their younger years. With the ongoing acceptance, these people can now do something they may have been afraid to or were not allowed to do just a few decades ago. In the 80s, for example, a businessperson would not have tattoos on their body and if they did, chances are it was probably kept well hidden.

A major benefit of getting tattooed at an older age is most people have a better idea of what they want and have taken the time to carefully think over their decision, considerably reducing the odds of experiencing tattoo regret later in life. Generally, tattoos that are done on a whim end up being the ones people regret.

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