It’s Better to Pay More for Quality Tattoo

When it comes to paying for tattoos the phrase “You get what you pay for” could not be more accurate. Unless your going to cover up a tattoo or get the ink erased (which we highly advise not to) paying for quality art on your body is important, after all this tattoo will be on your body for the rest of your life.

Whether this is your first tattoo or not one of the very first thoughts that come to mind for anybody is how much does a tattoo cost? A few things that consumers should factor in are an artist’s experience, equipment that he uses, studio location, and the tattoo size and detail.

An artist experience is very important, like all things in life the more experience you have with anything the more likely you will become better at it. The more experience an artist has the more he will charge. This is a good thing because most people will not feel comfortable with someone with little experience charging high prices. On the other hand a person will feel comfortable paying a reasonable or high price to an artist with history of great work on other people. More than likely the artist has worked hard at it’s craft and has built a reputation to perform at a high standard. The equipment that the artist uses tells a lot about how much he or she cares about their quality of their work. If an artist uses top of the line ink, needles, creams, or soaps then the artist has equipped themselves for your tattoo to come out the best possible way.

The location of where you are getting the tattoo is something to consider. Artists can operate from their homes, be mobile and come to you, have a personal office, or tattoo parlor. More than likely at an office or parlor there will be more equipment and comfort for consumers that can improve the quality of the tattoo. With tattoo sizes and detail the more experienced the artist is the more it will cost, the detail of a tattoo can be the difference between a kindergarten drawing and a vivid description of a tattoo you will be proud of and love to show off. The smaller the tattoo the more flexible you can be with the selection of the artist. The larger and more detail you desire of a tattoo the more expensive and selective you have to be to get your desired look. Please do not be cheap.

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