Interactive Soundwave Shaped Tattoos

A new type of tattoo called Skin Motion created by artist Nate Siggard introduces a new form of personalized augmented reality tattoos. An app by the same name is currently in development and set for release later this month. The app will function as both an audio clip database and a sound-wave reader. The way it works is that 24 hours after receiving your tattoo you open the app and use your smartphone camera to scan the tattoo. Next, you insert or record a piece of audio (up to a minute in length) that you would like to play whenever you or other people scan it in the future. This gets saved into the app’s database, immortalizing whatever sound you wish to carry.

According to Soundwave Tattoos people all over the country have already signed up for these tattoos, currently only offered in Siggard’s shop in LA, though artists throughout the country have expressed interest in being trained and certified to offer these kinds of tattoos. People’s reasons for getting these tattoos vary, with some getting voicemails of loved ones that have passed away so that they can keep a piece of that person with them. Others have gotten their child’s laughter or the bark of their dog. However, no matter what the reason Soundwave Tattoos offer new and exciting opportunities for the field.

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