Tattoos to Help Storm Victims

While South Florida has had to deal with the effects of Hurricane Irma, we mustn’t forget that Texas is still grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As efforts continue to assist its victims, the art of tattooing is once again being used for noble reasons.

A tattoo shop over in San Angelo, Texas called Absolute Ink recently saw an influx of activity. Numerous customers visited to get inked with a $20 appropriately Texas-themed tattoo. As you might guess, the proceeds are going towards assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Ultimately, Absolute Ink managed to raise over $1,300 with proceeds going towards purchasing essential items such as pet food, toiletries, and infant products. Though the $20 tattoo session may be over, Absolute Ink will continue to accept donations from those interested in lending a helping hand to the storm victims.

The efforts of Absolute Ink are yet another example of how tattoos can be used in beneficial ways to help others as well as the community.

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