My name is Skylar Meadows and currently I’ve been tattooing less than a year, but my goal is to always improve; whether it’s the way I’m shading or making my lines crisp and clean. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, but moved to different areas in Broward when I was younger, then eventually settled in Boca. I don’t have a particular favorite style when it comes to tattooing because it’s a form of art; I love color just as much as black and grey. Same thing goes for the different styles, I love everything from the stricter field of traditional, to the distorted images of new school, and the timelessness of realism. I know most artists during their apprenticeships decide what their focus is going to be, but I find that limits your potential so I make it my goal to thrive in each category. If I know I haven’t done a style in a while, I’ll go back to it and try to perfect it. Art has influenced my life ever since I was little. Growing up, I was always pushed harder than the others because my instructors saw potential when I didn’t. Eventually, I was placed in advanced art courses because my skills surpassed those of my peers even though I never planned on pursuing a career in art. My original intentions were to go to school for architecture, but something brought me to Empire and before I could think about it I was asking for an apprenticeship and I feel like I haven’t worked a day since.

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January 2018
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